Trees come in all shapes and sizes and there is at least one for every garden. The pleasure of planting a tree is seeing it grow skywards through to maturity, little by little yet surprisingly quickly.

Our range of trees includes small, exquisite acers to tall and slender silver birch and plenty in-between.

Our favourites: Acer, multi-stem silver birch


Hedging is a two-in-one, a privacy screen calving off your garden from the world outside it and a safe haven to support wildlife, especially birds. Grow your hedge high to make your garden feel bigger, then sit back and watch the activity and wildlife within.

At Okells we sell pot grown not bare root. We reccomend this because they have more root and no root distrubance which means they establish themselves more quickly. They can hit the ground running in the first year. On top of this, they can be planted all year round,

Our favourites: Laurel, holly


Topiary is all about shape, be that a ball, lollipop or pyramid.

The term topiary simply means the art of shaping woody plants and can be surprisingly easy to do yourself using shears or a lightweight trimmer. Topiary lends an architectural quality to your garden and brings structure to a border or a touch of formality when positioned either side of your front door.

Our favourites: Buxus, taxus, bay standard


'Specimen' is less a category of plant, more a descriptive term all of its own. Specimens can be trees or shrubs and they are generally bigger, more unique and provide a focal point in the landscape. They have their own character and are capable of making your garden totally unique.

Pines, tropical palms and Acers each have a unique beauty but for us it's hard to look past the gruff character of a Mediterranean Olive. Visit us at Okells (link) and you'll see our 400 year old olive tree on site.

Our favourites: Olive, tropical, pine

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