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Trees, hedging, topiary & specimen


Roses are quintessentially British. They scramble and climb to arrive in pride of place and are loved for their perfumed scent and long flowering season. There really is a rose for every garden.

We are proud to be supplied by David Austin who have been producing the best English roses in Shropshire for over 60 years.


Shrubs are something of a workhorse, offering structure, year round interest and quickly capable of making your garden look more established. Shrubs are typically low maintenance and provide a backbone to any border that ties the garden together.

Within this broad group of plants you'll find beautiful varieties - some flowering - including hardy evergreens, deciduous shrubs that drop their leaves each year and fragrant varieties best planted under windows. Shrubs can also provide a natural source of food to encourage birds and wildlife into the garden.

Our favourites: Fatsia, Pittosporum, White hydrangea


Best suited to the shade, ferns have an ancient, mysterious quality of a time long before and are instantly recognisable.

Generally requiring little care and attention, their curling fronds come in a wide range of forms from indoor asparagus ferns to impressive trees ferns with rust coloured trunks.


Climbers bring another dimension to your garden, growing up walls, fences and trellis and are particularly adept at covering up surfaces that are best hidden.

The biggest spaces provide a perfect home for Wisteria or Viginia Creeper but even the smallest patios and balcony spaces can benefit from Clematis and Jasmin: both happy to grow in pots and able to create a beautiful, structural sightscreens.

Grasses & bamboo

This distinctive group can play a wide variety of roles in the garden. Grasses are calm and textural. Their architectural quality is well suited to container planting to bring softness to patios and hard landscaping. Or we think they are brilliant for adding tone to borders.

Part of the grass family - bamboo has an unmistakable rustling sound. Being fast growing, bamboo is brilliant for screening to make your space more private.

Soft Fruit & Fruit Trees

Fruit trees come in many shapes and sizes. Classics like apples, plums and pear trees look right at home in an English garden and can provide a healthy crop of homegrown produce each year. Combine that with soft fruits like raspberries or blackberries and you've got the perfect head start to a warming winter crumble.

Grape vines look beautiful when trained up a wall or trellis and are surprisingly easy to grow. Our own vine - planted on site in 2006 - offers up a glut of grapes each year, which are used to produce dozens of bottles of rose (sadly not available for sale).


Perennials are so diverse and versatile, that it is hard to do them justice in just one paragraph.

Where to start? Simply put, a perennial is a plant that lives longer than two years, distinguished from shrubs and trees by their lack of woody growth. There is a perennial to suit every type of garden, soil type and light level.

If you are looking for impact and colour year after year, there is no better place to look. We love them for boarders and planted containers, layering low growing varieties, with mediums and tall plants to create stunning displays.

Our favourites: hellebores, lupin, delphinium, foxglove

Planted pots

Okells planted pots bring together interesting, original combinations that offer colour, height and contrasting texture in one pot.

They make for a beautiful gift or a perfect pick up for an instant impact in your own garden.

Herbs & veg

There's nothing that tastes better than homegrown produce. Tomatoes, courgettes, green beans and hot chilis are a good place to start but the possibilities for your kitchen garden are endless.

Herbs have a distinct flavour all of their own and woody varieties like rosemary, sage and thyme have no trouble enduring cold winters. Potted herbs are brilliant - even in the smallest spaces - they look earthy, smell fragrant and work wonders on the plate.

Seeds & bulbs

There's nothing more rewarding than growing your own from bulb or seed. Whether you're planting in borders, filling an allotment greenhouse or making best use of a windowsill, seeds and bulbs are a cost effective way to plant yourself a surprise for future seasons to come.

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